Dienstag, 21. August 2012

Volkov Commander Support eingestellt

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Über viele Jahre hinweg betrieb ich (als rein nicht-kommerzielles Projekt) die offizielle deutsche und englische Website des populären Shareware Dateimanagers Volkov Commander.

Es scheint, als würde diese Anwendung vom Autor nicht mehr weiter entwickelt und gepflegt. Viele Anwender haben mich kontaktiert und nach der Zukunft des VC gefragt. Zunächst erklärte Vsevolod Volkov dass er nicht viel Aufwand investieren kann aufgrund anderer Prioritäten. Inzwischen bekomme ich selbst noch nicht mal von ihm irgend eine Reaktion. Ehrlich gesagt glaube ich, das Projekt Volkov Commander ist tot.

Daher habe ich mich entschlossen, hier zukünftig weder Informationen noch Downloads anzubieten. Tut mir leid, aber ich bin nicht länger motiviert den VC zu unterstützen. Das könnte sich nur ändern, wenn der Autor die Entwicklung wieder aufnimmt und aktiv betreibt. Ich bezweifle das sehr.

Wer also zum Volkov Commander Fragen hat oder ihn downloaden möchte, dem empfehle ich, direkt beim Autor anzufragen. Die letzte mir bekannte Webadresse ist http://vvv.kiev.ua/

Over many years I operated (as a purely non-commercial project) the official german and english website ofVolkov Commander, a popular shareware file manager.

It seems that this application is no longer developed and maintained by its author. Many users contacted me and asked about future plans for VC. At first Vsevolod Volkov stated that he cannot spend too much efford due to other priorities, but that development would not be discontinued. Meanwhile I do not get any further reaction from him. Honestly spoken I believe that the project Volkov Commander is dead.

I decided to no longer offer neither information nor downloads here. I appologize for any inconvenience, but I am no longer motivated to support VC. This could only change, if the author actively continues the development. I doubt that this will ever happen.

For those of you who have questions or want to download the tool, I suggest to contact the author directly. The last known web address is http://vvv.kiev.ua/


  1. А чё? Подождать трудно было??

    1. Can someone translate the comment in english?

    2. Translate: Why you can't wait?

    3. The comment in Russian is obviously related to the statement in the article ("I decided to no longer offer neither information nor downloads here.")

      It is written in some kind of slang and could be translated as: "So what? Does it hurt to wait??"

      IMHO it can be simply ignored...

    4. Since I checked the comment with Google Translate service some time ago, I came to the same conclusion: I will ignore.

  2. Hello Daniel!
    VC is a perfect product from DOS era. I've used NC and clones for a many years since 89 and I can say VC 4.05 is a most stable and reliable NC-like product. It's written in pure ASM, optimized for smallest possible mamory usage and full of features relatively to smiliar products and considering it's tiny size. It contains 99% :) of all you need under the DOS. 4.99 is a try to support long file names under the DOS and add more features. It was completely rewritten because (being a programmer, incl ASM) I'm sure it would be impossible to add such a features to the existing 4.05 code. Moreover I'm sure it will be too difficult to write a correct, resource economic, stable program with such features for DOS. That's why VVV dropped a development of VC over a 10 years ago. DOS is dead in most aspects. However I still actively use DOS and VC for a service purposes, but most users and even most service techs don't! WinPE environment allows to manage files and registry for a service purposes on NTFS that's impossible correctly to do under the DOS (NTFSDOS is dangerous thing, be adviced, use in common only to read). For a Win32/64 environment I would recommend Far manager, that have unprecedentedly wide features being a simple enough to start explore for a novices. A few days will be enough to be familiar with it in common. Total Commander is a great product too. It's more simple and familiar for a GUI users, but loose to Far for a possibilities and comfortablility for an experienced users, lack of some features. Under the x86 32bit environment programmer have 100s times more system resources to create required functionality. DOS is too limited by original 640Kb standard. Needed code does simply not fit to memory, leaving enough space to other apps. Lack of native support of today absolutely required techs like LFN, USB or NTFS requires to load unstable and just partially compatible 3rd party drivers which leave absolutely no enough memory for apps. Extended/expanded memory solves problem just partially. There's no wayout of this situation. Lack of these resoures and lack of the native support of some things under the DOS doesn't allow to extend VC normal way. It's possible to polish VC 4.05 code for a bug removal but on my sight VC 4.05 is already polished and blinks like a diamond. :)

    I just a few confused VVV didn't released sources of VC for a 12 years. It would be a great present for a community so anyone could make some polish, free patching of VC and more important and actual it will be possible to explore the perfect code by young programmers to educate and write a new perfect apps. I'm sure VC's code is full of tricks actual even in Win32 era. :)

    So please don't be offended to VVV. When he promised you a development a many years ago it was emotional promise because there are no real ways to do something serious with it's code at reasonable resource expences (human resources and/or DOS tech resources), plus there are too few users around the world who are interested in DOS environment. Being a Russian I don't however know this man (we're at most still feel we're in the same country be it RF or Ukraine or other reps since USSR fall), but I do respect him very much for his coolest prog of DOS era! I've personally got mirror of VVV files (related to VC) but world is full of people who didn't :) VVV is simply a man. He can drop his site for a various reasons, so it would be nice if someone will support a mirror with a statement that app development STOPPED (to reduce support reuests) over a 10 years ago and most probably will not be continued ever.
    - Drive from Russia

    1. a very professional and nice comment! VC is a diamond of DOS era, and I still use it for technical purposes...

  3. A small forum will allow intl users to discuss problems related VC. People who are interested in DOS and VC can group there and answer support questions themselves. A few marketings can reduce your expences to domain/hosting services. Many service operations nowadays still require a DOS anvironment in many cases - e.g. Flash programming. Various boot disks are spread on the internet with readymade packeges for a particular actions. But not always automated processing performs successfully. Sometimes something goes wrong and in this case VC will help many people to perform required actions manually in the DOS environment. I defenitely sure every man in the world should understand what he does at every particular moment, especially doing dangerous and complicated service procedures. VC will help a lot to make it easily possible for many people to explore "how does it work" - a particular procedure, what are the files used and what data and code is provided for.
    It for example allows to view a just backed up BIOS image with a one hotkey pressing, just to simply ensure that file exist, has correct size and looks correctly inside. If it looks bad user most probably will not perform with a new BIOS update trying to find a problem on the backup stage. So it will avoid board damage that requires time and money to fix. Isn't it? It's just a one example to use VC today... You can provide some readymade good bootimages with VC for a different medias to a novice users to make them explore! The more smart, educated people will live around the far more will progress go, the more interesting will be our life.

    The most big problems with computers today is that people think and explore fewer and fewer. Most of them who are used to do all the actions with a mouse clicks seem it's too complicated to work with keyboard hotkeys. They don't explore and they simply can't understand that working with keyboard is much more quicker than using mouse in many cases. Big SW companies like MS trend to hide more and more information from the end users cutting support costs and making an illusion of "easyness". This easyness works just till the first failure when user doesn't know what to do and where to look and help system contains just stupid advices. Imagine if someone will remove steering wheel or some pedals from your car to "make it easier to drive for a novices" or hide them under the dashboard instead of sending a novices to the driving school. When you crash who will be responsible??? Novices should at first learn to drive correctly being it a car or a PC! Difference is just when you crash your PC nobody will be injured, but you will pay for a new PC or a software by money and/or your time. Isn't it a reason to explore and educate at first? Normal human feels a happyness when he explore something new. It's our cognitive function inherented as an instinct. But happyness occures only when we understand something complicated (for us) and the target of the manufacturer should be the balance between knowledge and possibility to understand. Misbalance lead to inevitable problems to the users at first or at last, but who cares in the world where main trend is to SELL. If it's too complicated to understand for a most of the novices it's a reason to divide exploration to the parts but not the reason to hide possibility to explore for all, deeper and deeper...
    - Drive from Russia
    thedrive doggy bk dot ru
    (LiveJournal auth doesn't work - says OpenID(???) error)

  4. I have Volkov Commander, if anybody need it.

  5. Volkov Commander and related info is accessible on the official VVV's page http://vvv.kiev.ua (note "vvv" isn't "www")
    But no development or something like self-support forum there.
    I'd wrote here before about a mirror and some possible resources because Dainel is a long term fan of VC who supported intl page for a long time. And this page is linked from many places over the net (incl. Wiki) as an intl. official page.
    - Drive from Russia

  6. c:\vc\vc
    - i like this command.

  7. Hallo,

    Ich verstehe nicht, wieso sie nicht einfach den VC weiterhin zum Download anbieten können. Selbiges gilt für die existierende Dokumentation.

    Niemand verlang, dass sie dafür Support anbieten oder für Fragen zur Verfügung stehen.

    So wie sich die Situation darstellt, macht es eher den Eindruck dass der Author hier Ihren Stolz verletzt hat ;)

    1. Nein, mein Stolz ist völlig intakt :-) Es ist nur so, dass ich ja noch eine sehr lange Zeit genau so vorgegangen bin: Ich bot VC zum Download an und auf der Website gab es alles, was ich an Dokumentation erstellt hatte, inklusive einer deutschen Sprachdatei für das Tool.

      Somit wurde ich für viele Anwender aber gleichgesetzt mit jemandem, der auch technischen Support bietet. Fast jede Woche trafen Fragen zum Tool ein, zur Lizenzierung, warum es nicht Open Source wird, wann die nächste Version kommt usw.

      Ich wurde irgendwann leid, immer die gleichen Antworten zu liefern und anstelle des eigentlichen Verantwortlichen zu reagieren. Vom Autor hatte ich nur das Versprechen, dass er irgendwann die Programmpflege wieder aufnimmt, wenn es seine Zeit zulässt. Das hat den Fragenden aber selten gereicht und so fühlte ich mich mehr und mehr in der Not, mich an Stelle von Volkov zu rechtfertigen. Da ich aber in keinerlei kommerziellem Zusammenhang mit VC stand und stehe, hielt ich das für unangemessen. Meine Website war zwar die offizelle Heimat des Volkov Commander, aber dennoch für mich stets ein Hobbyprojekt.

      Das ist letztlich der Grund gewesen, warum ich mich irgendwann komplett aus dem Thema zurückzog. Ich musste mich deutlicher von dem Tool distanzieren. Diese Seite hier ist nur deswegen aktiv, weil noch heute viele Verweise im Web existieren und ich den Besuchern keinen toten Link servieren wollte.

  8. At Daniel or anyone else. I use VC for my DosBox and Freedos interface. It however sometimes interferes with programs. I would like to know how to exit it from the command line so that I may write batch files for programs that do not play nice with VC. If anyone could help me with this I would greatly appreciate it.


    1. You need to use tiny NC_EXIT.COM utility (easyto find w/Google)
      It works perfectly with VC - it will exit VC from batch
      Here's my 1996 example that will exit VC, load CDROM drivers, than run VC again (to save RAM).
      @echo off
      smartdrv /c
      if -%1 == -CD goto RunSBCD
      nc_exit sbcd.bat CD
      goto Quit
      DEVICE C:\DRV\SBCD2.SYS /D:MSCD001 /P:220
      C:\DRV\CDQ /D:MSCD001 1024
      C:\DRV\MSCDEX /D:MSCD001 /M:0 /E
      Drive from Russia

  9. Schade, schade, schade.
    Das kleine Tool finde ich auch immer noch super, wenn ich meine alten computer ab und zu nochmal aktiviere.
    Ich danke dem Programmierer ganz herzlich und wünsche ihm und auch Herrn Egner, dass sie doch noch die Energie finden, etwas Zeit in das Projekt zu investieren.


  10. Hallo Daniel,

    auch wenn der VC nicht mehr weiterentwickelt wird, so gehört er doch auch heute noch in jede DOS-Umgebung, egal ob auf historischen PC's, in virtuellen Maschinen oder in der DOS-BOX.

    Deshalb mein Vorschlag: Ich hätte kein Problem damit, Deinen ehemaligen VC-Seiten in einer Ecke auf meiner Homepage ein neues Zuhause zu geben. Zumal Deine alten Seiten wegen einer paranoiden robots.txt ja nicht mal bei archive.org abrufbar sind.

    Was hältst Du davon?

    Gruß Holger

  11. Hello,

    i am not using vc frequently anymore.
    today we have android phones and other bad stuff .

    but I have used VC.com for nearly 25 years !

    today i only like to read about history and think about old time.

    thanks for all comments !
    thanks for all discussion !
    thanks for all flash to the good old times !

    thanks to all who will never forget !
    thank to all who will honor the past good things forever !

    thanks to V V V from belgium and germany

  12. Hello.

    I used this program for a long time, and was for me the best file manager.
    And now I still use occasionally for service.

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